United Socialist States of America

For sometime I’ve thought that the MSM has been asleep at the wheel or drunk on their own power to sway the presidential election, but now I’m thinking they might be dead. Why are they not alarmed and up in arms about the Obama campaign punishing an Orlando TV station because the interviewer dared to ask Biden a tough question: namely, aren’t Obama’s “share the wealthy comments” Marxist? 


Anyone who’s been to college can readily see that they are of course Marxist and the video released makes it quite clear. Obama thinks the Supreme Court has not gone far enough to help redistribute wealth in this country, indeed saying it was a “tragedy,” and the founding fathers had it wrong in the Constitution.


Why is the press not alarmed about this? Or at least why aren’t they foaming at the mouth about what happened to their sister station in Orlando? Does “censorship” not raise a hue and cry in the press anymore? Or do they actually believe that it won’t happen to them if power is given? I raise the cry Censorship! This is socialism: control the media, control the money, control the people. Big Brother is at the door; wake up! This is a shot across the bow; time to turn and fight while there still is time.

If you have doubts about what Obama believes and believes in, take a look at the Obama Timeline. It is the history of the man who would be president that the media should have examined, but never has. It is pretty long, but you only need read a few pages of this well-research biography to understand who he is, and it’ll open your eyes.


From his very youngest years Obama has been surrounded and influenced by people with the most radical and anti-American viewpoints. You’ll see why pains were taken to seal his records from the public.

If you still doubt Obama’s socialist leanings, you should know that he actively supported the socialist candidate for president in Kenya in 2006 and spoke at rallies for him, actually denouncing the pro-U.S. government the candidate wanted to replace with socialism:



Even Obama’s trademark line: “the world as it is and the world as it should be” is taken from Saul Alinsky’s socialist manifesto, “Rules for Radicals” (Chapter 2).  




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