The Game May Not Be Over

This game may not be over quite yet. Some sites are reporting that people are asking their Electors to demand Obama show the “vault copy” of his birth certificate before the Electoral College meets December 15.
Consider, one, Philip Berg’s case is still before the Supreme Court; two, it has not been explained how Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1982 when it was restricted to U.S. travelers, though he could have done it on a foreign passport, which he could have obtained after his Indonesian step-father adopted him.

See this interesting comment posted on America’s Right:

 “I will try and post my theory again as it didn’t go though the last time.

“My personnal situation very much lends itself to this case. My wife had two children from a previous marriage. About 1971 when the children would have been 6 and 8 i formally adopted both of these children. The children were born in PA and the adoption took place in RI. After the adoption was finalized PA issued new Birth Certificates with me listed as the father and the previous Birth Certificates were sealed by the court. The children don’t have access to these. Checking the Hawaii site it does say it might be possible to get these after 75 years for geneology purposes.

“There is an article and supposed audio tape that says Michelle Obama is stated to have said;”I am not going to stand by and let a simple thing like an adoption to stop my husband from becoming president.” This plays nicely with my theory. It would appear that Barak Obama was in fact adopted by his stepfather in Hawaii before the family moved to Indonesia as Indonesia didn’t allow adoptions for children over five and school was not allowed for non-citizens. If this is the case the birth certificate for Barak Obama II is on file, but is sealed by the court and therefore can’t be copied or released to anyone.

“One other point on this matter. A Certificate of Live Birth is isued for births that didn’t take place in a hospital in Hawaii or that took place outside of Hawaii, but were then registered in Hawaii. Birth that take place in a hosptial in Hawaii receive a Certiface of Live Birth. These are two different forms.”

It seems likely Obama doesn’t want to show his birth certificate because it will show he was adopted and became Indonesian. This would also explain the seemingly odd comment Michelle made that she was not going to let the fact that he was adopted get in the way of her husband becoming President. 

Please, if you live in a “red state,” urge your electors to demand that Obama show a “vault copy” of his birth certificate before the Electoral College meets. It’s a Constitutional request. We must know who our President really is, if he really is our President. 


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