Obama Case Proceeds in Supreme Court

It appears that at least two cases challenging Obama’a eligibility to become President are proceeding in the U.S. Supreme Court. Both lawsuits seek to have Obama prove that he is an American citizen by producing his original birth certificate, something he has refused to do. The FEC waived its right to respond to the writ that was filed which means that the Supreme Court may act sooner than later.


The original case was filed by former Pennsylvania Assistant Attorney General Philip J. Berg in federal court back in August and has been proceeding since then. The more recent by attorney Leo Donofrio basically requests the same thing: Obama’s birth certificate to prove his citizenship. Both suggest that Obama was either born in Kenya or was adopted by his stepfather and became an Indonesian citizen. Obama refuses to say why he won’t release his birth certificate and clear up this matter; therefore, the Court will have to decide.


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