Injunction to Stop Obama Filed in Supreme Court

An injunction to stop the certification of electors by state governors and prevent Obama from being voted on by the Electoral College, thereby stopping him from becoming President, has been filed by former Pennsylvania Assistant Attorney General Philip Berg. It comes one day after Obama’s lawyers and the DNC failed to respond to Berg’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari at the Supreme Court. 

Berg’s original lawsuit demands that Obama show his birth certificate (long form) to prove that he is a “natural born” American citizen and therefore eligible to be President of the United State, something Obama has absolutely refused to do. Berg believes that Obama keeps refusing because he cannot prove citizenship either because he was born in Kenya (as his relatives have said) or that he was adopted by his stepfather and became an Indonesian citizen. Either would make him ineligible to be President under the Constitution. 

WorldNetDaily has also been calling for Obama to provide his birth certificate and over 125,000 have signed their online petition request that Obama do so. Several court cases have now been filed demanding Obama release his birth certificate before this becomes a major Constitutional crisis.


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