Obama Not Born in Hawaii, Hospitals Confirm; Birth Certificate Still Sealed

According to an article on Atlas Shrugs and Free Republic, a check of all hospitals in Hawaii has confirmed that he was not born in any hospital in Hawaii. It is know that the Certificate of Live Birth posted during the election cycle was forged, plus Hawaii at that time would issue such certificates to those born outside the state. The COLB is not the same as a birth certificate.


Right now there are 16 court challenges in 12 states (and 2 at the U.S. Supreme Court) challenging Obama’s birth certificate–mainly because he has steadfastly refused to release his birth certificate or other records, without explanation. He has had all of his birth and college records sealed or has hired lawyers to keep them from public view. The question remains: WHY?


Amazingly, it turns out that lawyers and other parties have been working behind the scenes to remove the Constitutional requirement that the President be a “natural born” citizen, calling the requirement “stupid” and “discriminatory.” This is the requirement that would make Obama ineligible to be President if his birth certificate confirms he is not “natural born.” Without this requirement anyone from anywhere who gained citizenship could be President.


This Friday the Supreme Court will consider whether or not to proceed with challenges filed demanding Obama release his birth certificate to prove he is eligible to serve as President.


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