Obama Plans Radical Agenda

As the first lawsuit regarding Obama’s eligibility to be President goes before the Supreme Court, it’s instructive to look at what he has planned if he prevails.  According to former Weatherman and domestic terrorist Mark Rudd’s analysis, Obama’s recent appointments, which he considers “centrist,” are just a smokescreen to cover the radical agenda he is planning on foisting on America. Obama will start with environmental issues, which he figures are easiest to get approval for, then he will move on to healthcare, using children as leverage, but his ultimate goal is to gut the military…by 2011. Rudd says the “even Lenin would be impressed” by Obama’s plan.


And talk about strange bedfellows, it turns out that Obama has been financed through this whole election cycle by a group of millionaires and billionaires known as the “Democracy Alliance.” They are mostly responsible for the $750 million that was used to get Obama elected. The question of course is why did they want Obama, who may not even be a “natural born” citizen, in power? Isn’t being rich enough? What are they up to?



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