Electors Challenged in Obama Birth Dispute

The nation’s electors are being challenged to investigate whether or not Obama is a “natural born” American citizen before they cast their votes in the Electoral College. Questions have arisen as to why Obama refuses to release his birth certificate and has instead hired three law firms to keep the document from public view. (See video in link below.)


The Constitution requires that Presidents be “natural born” citizens and it is speculated that Obama is not since his father was a British subject, plus the fact that his stepfather later moved him to Indonesia and registered him in school as an Indonesian.

The U.S. Supreme Court will also consider a court challenge today (Friday) in a case brought in Connecticut that faults the CT Secretary of State for not assuring that Obama was eligible to be President before the election.


If the Court decides to hear the case, it will need to decide the legal meaning of “natural born,” and Obama would finally have to produce a valid birth certificate to prove his eligibility.


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