Marxist Ridicules Obama Birth Cert. Concerns

Electors have been challenged not to vote for Obama at the Electoral College unless they make sure he is an American citizen. This has recently been ridiculed by one of the electors in Colorado, who happens to teach Marxist theory. The Constitutionality does not concern her. 

Evidently most electors are comfortable with going on the “honor system” and simply trusting that Obama is an American citizen even though he was born of a father who was a British citizen and was adopted by his stepfather who was Indonesian, neither of which meet the requirements under the Constitution to be “natural born,” Article 2, Section 1.

In the meantime, over a dozen lawsuits challenging his birth are moving through the courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. It is still baffling that Obama will not simply show his birth certificate and end the speculation, unless he knows he can’t. 

The truth cannot be contained forever, but the damage that this could do to the presidency and the country could be enormous.


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