New Lawsuit Challenges Obama’s Eligibility

A new lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States. Like other pending lawsuits, this one rides on the supposition that Barak Obama is ineligible to be President because he is not a “natural born” citizen.

This lawsuit requires Obama to provide proof of his eligibility. It is suspected that Obama was born in Kenya to a father who was a British subject, and he was subsequently adopted by his stepfather, who was Indonesian and became an Indonesian citizen, as school records show. According to Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution, either would make Obama ineligible to be President.

Over a dozen cases have been filed against Obama challenging his eligibility and all basically are asking for the same thing: a public release of his birth certificate, the “vault” copy, which names the city and country of birth, signed by the doctor, etc.  Obama has repeatedly, and steadfastly, refused to comply, without explanation, and responded by hiring 3 law firms to fight the release of his birth certificate.


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