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Congress Sued to Remove President Obama

January 31, 2009

Another lawsuit has been filed challenging Obama’s right to be President, but this time the lawsuit is not aimed just at his eligibility. This lawsuit claims that Congress failed in its duty under the 20th Amendment to insure that the then President-elect was qualified and eligible to be approved for office.

Dozens of lawsuits have been filed all over the nation challenging Obama’s eligibility on the grounds that he is not qualified because he is not a “natural born” citizen as required by the Constitution. Speculation has persisted because Obama’s own relatives say he was born in Kenya to a father who was a British subject and later his stepfather moved the family to Indonesia where he became an Indonesian citizen according to school records.

Obama's Indonesian School Record

Obama's Indonesian School Record

Since the time before the election, Obama has steadfastly refused to show a valid copy of his birth certificate to prove his citizenship. Instead he had all of his records sealed and hired 3 law firms to keep his records secret from the public. This is odd behavior for any person in public life, but it is especially suspicious for a President. Regardless of his motives, no matter how long he stalls, one day the truth will come out.


Obama Birth “Evidence” False

January 28, 2009

A woman the Buffalo News claimed had “remembered” Obama’s birth and who was touted as an independent source to prove he is a “natural born” citizen as required by the Constitution has denied the claim.

She has told WND that she has no first hand knowledge of Obama’s birth and that her information came from a retired doctor she knew. However, a check of the records has shown that the doctor in question had retired before Obama was born.

The truth is still in the files Obama has had sealed and won’t be known until the Supreme Court orders them unsealed. Other cases are pending but none has reached the Court since Berg’s last case was denied a hearing. The next few months could prove critical.

Obama 2nd President Not “Natural Born”

January 21, 2009

At his inauguration Barack Obama became the second person not a “natural born” citizen (as required by the Constitution) to become President of the United States. The first, it was recently discovered, was Chester A. Arthur, the 21st President. Arthur’s father was a British subject (as was Obama’s) making Arthur also a British subject, but Arthur destroyed most of his family records to conceal this fact.

Obama has resorted to sealing his birth records by court order. So far none of the U.S. courts have seen fit to accept the various lawsuits filed to compel Obama to show a valid copy of his birth certificate and prove he is a “natural born” citizen. Even if born in America, which is in serious doubt since his own relatives claim he was born in Kenya, his adoption by his stepfather and subsequent residence in Indonesia, making him Indonesian, should have disqualified him from being president.

Electors were cautioned to make sure that Obama was a “natural born” citizen before casting their votes for him, but they refused or were too intimidated to do so.

Unfortunately, we may once again discover, but too late, that another person has successfully become President by subterfuge, this time with the complicity of the courts, the Electoral College, and Congress. Now the question arises: What is the fate of a nation based in Constitutional law that refuses to follow its own laws? How long will it be before his birth certificate is revealed?

Chester Arthur successfully hid his secret until after his presidency was over. Whether Obama can do the same in this modern age remains an open question. But the stakes now are greater than have ever been seen and the Constitutional basis of law in our nation is at risk.

Obama Eligibility Challenged on 3 Fronts

January 19, 2009

Here the day before he is to be inaugurated as President, Obama faces challenges to his eligibility to serve in the office he was elected to last November. Challenges have been moving through the courts, but now there are questions arising in the Congress, and at Occidental, his former college, a legal petition has been entered to force the college to release his admission documents and other records.

The reason that people are seeking these documents is that Obama has steadfastly refused to let anyone see his official birth certificate or college records (which indicate if he is an American citizen). Speculation exists because his own relatives claim he was born in Kenya and it is known his stepfather moved the family to Indonesia and his school records indicate he became an Indonesian citizen.

Instead of simply supplying his records, Obama took the unusual step of having his records sealed and hiring 3 law firms to keep them from public view. So far he has been successful in keeping his past secret, but eventually the truth will be known and if he is not a “natural born” citizen, he is ineligible to be President. If that is the case, it will cause a Constitutional crisis of monumental proportions.

Over 215,000 Challenge Obama’s Eligibility

January 15, 2009

Over 215,000 people have now signed the petition requesting government authorities check to see if Obama meets the Contitution’s “natural born citizen” qualification to be President before he is inaugurated. This question has yet to be resolved though the inauguration is days away.

Another lawsuit comes before the Supreme Court for consideration on Friday. Three previous attempts have been denied a full hearing. The question of Obama’s eligibility surfaced after claims were made that he was born in Kenya (as his own relatives claim) and that he became an Indonesian citizen after his stepfather adopted him (as his early school records show).

Hopefully the Court will decide to hear one of the cases sooner or later. However, the issue may not be resolved for a while since Obama refuses, without explanation, to show his birth certificate and has hired 3 law firms to keep his records secret.

Supreme Court Denies Lawsuit on Obama

January 13, 2009

Former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania Phillip Berg found out Monday that his latest court challenge to Obama’s eligibility to be President was denied by the Supreme Court. The Court did not rule on the matter; it simply declined to hear the case presented.

Another case comes before the Court for consideration this Friday, and others are in the legal pipeline. All of them basically claim that Obama is ineligible to be President because he is not a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution. (See previous articles.) The Court has not agreed to hear one of these cases yet, but eventually one will pass muster and the truth will be known.

Update 1/10/09 Obama Court Case

January 11, 2009

It appears we will have to wait until Monday to see the Supreme Court’s decision on whether to hear Phillip Berg’s case challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President. (See previous postings.) There is no Court  decision listed in the list of orders for Friday 01-09-09.

The Court considered on Friday hearing the first of two cases Berg has pending before the Court  which claim that Barak Obama does not hold valid U. S. citizenship because he was born in Kenya, and later his stepfather moved the family to Indonesia and changed his citizenship, as school records show. Either would disqualify Obama on Constitutional grounds.

Banned Obama Eligibility Commerical, Plus

January 9, 2009

This first article link below contains the 60-second commerical questioning Obama’s eligibility to be President which was banned by Fox, CNN, MSNBC and others.  It seems ironic that it is the “free press” in American that is now practicing out and out censorship.obama-nobamatv

In a related story, the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to consider another case challenging Obama’s legal right to be President, claiming he is not a “natural born” citizen as required by the Constitution. This is the fourth case the Court has agreed to take into conference. This one from California was accepted for consideration by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Despite the fact that public concern is growing over the question of Obama’s eligibility (since his own relatives say he was born in Kenya, and his stepfather changed his citizenship as a boy to Indonesian), the Congress today certified the election results for Obama.

Eventually, the truth will come out, but for now Obama absolutely refuses to release his official birth certificate and he has hired 3 law firms to keep his records and background secret.

Obama Eligibility Case Supreme Court Friday

January 8, 2009
U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court

Once again the U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether or not to hear a lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President. The Court has refused two previous cases, but this one by filed by Phillip Berg may be a different matter.

Obama has still not resolved the question of his citizenship. His own relatives say he was born in Kenya. Some years later his stepfather apparently adopted him, changed his name to Barry Soetoro, and moved the family to Indonesia where Obama became an Indonesian citizen. Either would disqualify him from being President.

WND columnist Janet Porter in her piece “What If?” asks some serious questions: “What if an imposter from another country ran for the presidency and won? What if the media blocked any news of his birthplace and citizenship? What if the media censorship even blocked paid advertising that tried to expose it?” And more…

These are serious questions because such a fraud would imperil the nation and cripple the government. Nothing the “President”  did would be legal or binding, whether domestic policy or foreign.

Yet Obama continues to refuse to release a valid birth certificate or his college records, without any explanation. Instead he has hired 3 law firms to block inquiries into his background.  Why?  We may finally get an answer if the Supreme Court takes the case.

Berg Interview on Obama Eligibility Case

January 5, 2009

America’s Right has posted a fantastic interview with former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Philip Berg whose lawsuit challenging Barak Obama’s eligibility to be President is scheduled for Supreme Court consideration this Friday.

Berg’s lawsuit was the first filed against Obama back last August and it claims that Obama is not eligible to be President because he is not a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution, Article 2, Section 1. It demands that Obama produce a valid birth certificate to prove he is eligible, which Obama has steadfastly refused to do.

Obama’s father was a Kenyan under British citizenship and Obama’s own relatives have stated that he was born in Kenya. Recently, the Kenyan government has restricted media access to his relatives. It is further known that Obama’s stepfather, who was Indonesian, moved the family to Indonesia when Barak was a boy, apparently adopted him, and renamed him Barry Soetoro, which is on his school records from there. No  record has been shown that Obama ever re-naturalized or legally changed his name back to Barak Obama.

Additionally, Obama took the unusual step when he began his run for the Presidency to have all of his college records sealed. No explanation has been given for this, but it keeps his personal information, such as his nationality, hidden. It is also known that in 1982, as a college student, Obama traveled to Pakistan. At that time travel to Pakistan was restricted and Americans could not enter the country. Evidently Obama entered the country on a foreign passport.

When a question came up recently about his Selective Service registration, required of all American males, his office produced a document that appears to be forged. Likewise, his campaign previously produced an incomplete Certificate of Live Birth, which was posted online, but this too proved to be a forgery (link below).  Obama’s response to all of these questions and issues has been to hire 3 law firms.

Obama remains silent on this controversy, but the people and the country need to know the truth. This could create the greatest Constitutional crisis the nation has ever known. Perhaps we will be closer to the truth this Friday after the Supreme Court has its conference.