Obama Eligibility Challenged on 3 Fronts

Here the day before he is to be inaugurated as President, Obama faces challenges to his eligibility to serve in the office he was elected to last November. Challenges have been moving through the courts, but now there are questions arising in the Congress, and at Occidental, his former college, a legal petition has been entered to force the college to release his admission documents and other records.


The reason that people are seeking these documents is that Obama has steadfastly refused to let anyone see his official birth certificate or college records (which indicate if he is an American citizen). Speculation exists because his own relatives claim he was born in Kenya and it is known his stepfather moved the family to Indonesia and his school records indicate he became an Indonesian citizen.


Instead of simply supplying his records, Obama took the unusual step of having his records sealed and hiring 3 law firms to keep them from public view. So far he has been successful in keeping his past secret, but eventually the truth will be known and if he is not a “natural born” citizen, he is ineligible to be President. If that is the case, it will cause a Constitutional crisis of monumental proportions.


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