Obama 2nd President Not “Natural Born”

At his inauguration Barack Obama became the second person not a “natural born” citizen (as required by the Constitution) to become President of the United States. The first, it was recently discovered, was Chester A. Arthur, the 21st President. Arthur’s father was a British subject (as was Obama’s) making Arthur also a British subject, but Arthur destroyed most of his family records to conceal this fact.


Obama has resorted to sealing his birth records by court order. So far none of the U.S. courts have seen fit to accept the various lawsuits filed to compel Obama to show a valid copy of his birth certificate and prove he is a “natural born” citizen. Even if born in America, which is in serious doubt since his own relatives claim he was born in Kenya, his adoption by his stepfather and subsequent residence in Indonesia, making him Indonesian, should have disqualified him from being president.

Electors were cautioned to make sure that Obama was a “natural born” citizen before casting their votes for him, but they refused or were too intimidated to do so. 



Unfortunately, we may once again discover, but too late, that another person has successfully become President by subterfuge, this time with the complicity of the courts, the Electoral College, and Congress. Now the question arises: What is the fate of a nation based in Constitutional law that refuses to follow its own laws? How long will it be before his birth certificate is revealed?

Chester Arthur successfully hid his secret until after his presidency was over. Whether Obama can do the same in this modern age remains an open question. But the stakes now are greater than have ever been seen and the Constitutional basis of law in our nation is at risk.


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