Congress Sued to Remove President Obama

Another lawsuit has been filed challenging Obama’s right to be President, but this time the lawsuit is not aimed just at his eligibility. This lawsuit claims that Congress failed in its duty under the 20th Amendment to insure that the then President-elect was qualified and eligible to be approved for office.

Dozens of lawsuits have been filed all over the nation challenging Obama’s eligibility on the grounds that he is not qualified because he is not a “natural born” citizen as required by the Constitution. Speculation has persisted because Obama’s own relatives say he was born in Kenya to a father who was a British subject and later his stepfather moved the family to Indonesia where he became an Indonesian citizen according to school records.

Obama's Indonesian School Record

Obama's Indonesian School Record

Since the time before the election, Obama has steadfastly refused to show a valid copy of his birth certificate to prove his citizenship. Instead he had all of his records sealed and hired 3 law firms to keep his records secret from the public. This is odd behavior for any person in public life, but it is especially suspicious for a President. Regardless of his motives, no matter how long he stalls, one day the truth will come out.


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