U.S. Soldier Silenced for Questioning Obama’s Eligibility to Be President

A U.S. military soldier who added his name on a legal demand questioning Obama’s eligibility to be President has been ordered by his commanding officers not to talk to the media. The soldier’s name has been withheld pending further action against him.


The soldier is one of about 100 who have joined a legal challenge demanding that Obama show proof of eligibility to be President under the Constitution, Article 2, Section1, which requires a president to be a “natural born” citizen. Controversy has swirled for months since Obama refused to release his official birth certificate and has had his records sealed.

It has been impossible to determine Obama’s eligibility because of conflicting information about his birth. His campaign claims he was born in Hawaii, but his own relatives say he was born in Kenya and was, therefore, a British subject as was his father.

Others claim that since his stepfather took the family to Indonesia when he was a boy, where he then became an Indonesian citizen, it doesn’t matter where he was born because he is not an American citizen. The truth may be slow in coming, however, as Obama has hired lawyers to keep his records secret from the public.


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