Obama’s Ineligibility and Accusations of Perjury

The United States Justice Foundation has contacted every attorney general in all 50 states asking each to investigate if the papers Obama’s campaign filed to run on the state ballot included an affirmation that he is eligible to be President under the requirements of the U. S. Constitution.  If not, it suggests that perjury has been committed because the case that Obama is not a “natural born” citizen is “compelling.”


A number of issues are cited that leave doubt on Obama’s eligibility, such as his adamant refusal to produce his official birth certificate, his paternal grandmother’s statements that she attended his birth in Kenya, his family’s changing story of which hospital he was born at in Hawaii (none of which have a record of his birth), the fact that his step-father moved the family to Indonesia and changed his citizenship when Obama was a boy, and the list goes on.

Several court cases are still pending which challenge Obama’s eligibility to be President under Article 2, Section1, of the Constitution. Obama’s response, instead of simply supplying his birth certificate has been to hire teams of lawyers to keep his records hidden from public view.


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