Obama Eligibility in Question Abroad Too

The Atlas Shrugs website recently posted a very interesting conversation between Dr. Jack Wheeler and an unnamed senior intelligence official in France. It seems that Obama’s qualifications and credentials to be President are suspect abroad as well. It is clear from the transcript of the conversation that Obama is not as popular in political circles abroad as the press tries to make him.


photo credit: City of Paris

photo credit: City of Paris

Questions concerning his empty resume, his missing birth certificate, his sealed college records, and his refusal to prove his citizenship are known by the intelligence communities abroad, and his recent trip abroad did little to instill confidence to those who are used to respecting the U. S. President.

It is clear to them that he is an amateur and they are nervously watching what he is doing and shocked at his cozying up to the world’s dictators. If those in our government don’t have the courage to challenge Obama’s eligibility to be President, then those abroad may have to take action before he causes irreparable harm.

Unless the U.S. courts act soon, someone somewhere is going to release his records. He can’t keep them secret much longer. It could get interesting.


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