Professor Outlines Obama Supreme Court Lawsuit

A law professor at Ohio State University who specializes in election law has written an article proposing how the question of Obama’s eligibility to be President might finally be heard in the Supreme Court. He contends that a state lawsuit that would challenge Obama’s eligibility to be on the ballot would force the Court to consider the matter of his standing.

Dozens of lawsuits have been filed challenging Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution’s requirement that the President be a “natural born” citizen.  However, none of the lawsuits have been heard at the Supreme Court because they have lacked “standing” since they are civil cases.

U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court

Questions arose during the campaign because it is well known that Obama’s own grandmother claims that she attended his birth–in Kenya. His father was Kenyan and a British citizen. It is also known that as a boy his stepfather moved the family to Indonesia and changed his citizenship to Indonesian. Either of these disqualify Obama from being President.

His campaign maintained that he was born in Hawaii, but no hospital in Hawaii has any record of him or his mother having ever been there, and Obama has steadfastly refused to release his original birth certificate, which would immediately clear up the questions. Instead, he has had all of  his records sealed and has spent tens of thousands of dollars hiring law firms to keep his records and birth certificate from public view.

Eventually the truth will come out. In the meantime lawsuits slowly wind through the court system and Obama refuses to answer the basic question of where he was born by showing his birth certificate.


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