Grand Juries Cite Obama Ineligible President

An article on WorldNetDaily reports that local and state grand juries across the nation have been convening and sending their presentments to law enforcement officials and courts claiming that Obama is ineligible to be President under the requirements of the Constitution, and therefore he has committed treason.

WND quotes American Grand Jury spokesman Bob Campbell, “Sooner or later some court or many courts will formally indict Obama from our obama-nobamatvpresentments or [a] complaint,” he said. “Our goal is to convene and conclude 12 to 13 grand juries before July 4 rolls around and to serve our presentments as many as 200 times with courts, sheriffs, prosecutors, judges or legislators across the land.

“The pressure is mounting and someday justice will be served or the country will probably explode from loss of faith in our Constitution,” he said. 

The complaints come from the refusal of Obama’s campaign to release his birth certificate to prove his is a “natural born” citizen. His own grandmother claims she attended his birth–in Kenya–and it is known that his stepfather moved the family to Indonesia when Obama was boy where he was registered in school as an Indonesian.

Obama’s campaign release a Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth for Obama during the election, but it was found to be a forgery and it turns out that CLB were actually issued in Hawaii at that time for children not born in the state. So far Obama has steadfastly refused to provide his birth certificate and so the controversy has continued.


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