Obama Birth Certificate Question on Fox News

The controversy surrounding Obama’s birth certificate was the #1 most talked about issue on Fox News website with nearly 1000 comments posted by Friday morning. After a recent press conference,Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs tried to laugh off the controversy when asked a question by WND correspondent  Les Kinsolving regarding Obama’s birth certificate.


The controversy has persisted because Obama has steadfastly refused to show his birth certificate to prove he is a “natural born” citizen as required by the U. S. Constitution. His campaign released a document which later proved to be forged and was not his original birth certificate, but a Certificate of Live Birth, which Hawaii issued to those born elsewhere.

Obama’s own grandmother claims she was at his birth–in Kenya.  His stepfather moved the family to Indonesia and he became an Indonesian citizen and went to school there. About 1981 Obama traveled to Pakistan which was at that time restricted, meaning he entered the country on a foreign passport. Despite repeated requests Obama has refused to release his official birth certificate and has had his college records sealed. He has a team of lawyers working to keep his records secret from the public.


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