Obama Eligibility Issue on White House Website

The White House’s highly touted “Open Government Dialogue” site was overwhelmed with postings questioning Obama’s eligibility to be President and demanding to see his “long form” birth certificate, which his campaign has refused since before the election. 


The Constitution requires that the President be a “natural born” citizen, and Obama’s own grandmother claims he was born in Kenya. Obama’s claim of “transparency” in government has come under fire since he has refused to prove he is a citizen by producing his birth certificate, something everyday Americans do anytime they request a drivers license or a passport.

By Tuesday over “200 individual threads and thousands of comments” had overwhelmed the government’s open dialogue site regarding his eligibility.  In response, the government scrubbed the website of all references to the eligibility controversy.


Evidently Obama’s call for transparency does not include himself or looking into his past. It would be a simple matter to show his official birth certificate and end the controversy, but for reasons he won’t disclose, Obama refuses to do so.  It will likely require action by the Supreme Court before the issue is finally resolved.


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