Obama Eligibility Forbidden by White House Site

The White House’s “open government” website, which claims to promote “transparency” in government,  continues to ban any discussion of Obama’s eligibility to be President under the Constitutional requirement that the President be a “natural born” citizen.  The online forum has rules about what can and cannot appear on the site, but a quick survey recently showed that 100% of the removed postings were only about the eligibility issue.The White House


It is the issue that won’t go away because Obama continues to conceal his birth records and has hired lawyers to keep them concealed from public view. This highly suspicious action follows months of questions and lawsuits ever since his eligibility was brought into question after his own grandmother claimed she attended his birth–in Kenya, plus the knowledge that he grew up in Indonesia as an Indonesian after his stepfather moved the family there.  Eventually the truth will come out, but it doesn’t appear it will come from the White House.


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