Obama’s Hidden Paper Trail

No public official in American history and certainly no President has ever taken greater efforts to hid his past than Obama has. Usually Americans know everything there is to know about their President by the time he is elected, but Obama’s past has been purposefully hidden. 


Ever attempt to see Obama’s records has been blocked by lawyers and lawsuits, for which the mainstream media is curiously uninterested. He has so far successfully stopped the public from seeing his official birth certificate (a certification of live birth is not a birth certificate); his college records at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard have all been sealed, and other papers, such as his senior thesis are missing or unavailable.

There is virtually no documentation available on Obama since he graduatedobama-nobamatv high school. Any proof of where he was born (his own grandmother says Kenya), what his college records say regarding whether he was listed as a foreign or foreign-born student, what passport he used to get into Pakistan back in 1981 when Americans where forbidden entry, where his draft card is, etc. are all unanswered. Two documents surfaced on the internet: his “certification of live birth” and his selective service registration, both of which were shown to be altered or forgeries.  

It is absolutely amazing that he has successfully stonewalled the nation, indeed, the world, about who he is and what his past really is. Sooner or later the truth will come out and it will be one of the biggest stories ever. Hopefully, it will happen before it’s too late.


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