Obama Birth Certification vs Official Certificate

A debate has been raging quietly for sometime about Obama’s refusal to provide his birth certificate to prove he is eligible to hold the office of President under the constitutional requirement that the President be a “natural born” citizen. Many believe his campaign posted his “birth certificate” online; however, a recent article in WorldNetDaily clearly shows the difference between a Hawaiian certification of live birth (given to anyone requesting one at the time) and an offical birth certificate.


There is a striking difference between the documents. The one Obama’s campaign posted is far from adequate to establish where he was born as it does not list a hospital or a doctor’s name, standard on birth records. It has also been learned in the meantime that certifications of live birth were actually issued in Hawaii to those born outside the state.

Obama has hired legal teams to keep his records sealed, but sooner or later the court will have to look into the matter.


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