Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate, Signed by Doc

In a case that gets more and more interesting, the person claiming to have a certified copy of Obama’s birth certificate from Kenya says the certificate in his possession is from the hospital in Mombasa and has the doctor’s name and signature—unlike the Hawaiian one that Obama’s campaign has tried to pass off on the internet.


The seller has offered the Kenyan birth certificate on eBay six times now in different ways and it has been removed by eBay officials six times. It may be worthwhile to note that the president of eBay is an avid Obama supporter and was recently appointed to a commission by Obama.  (See earlier stories.)

During the campaign, McCain was asked to show his birth certificate and did so, but Obama has steadfastly refused to provide an official birth certificate and has hired teams of lawyers to keep his documents secret from the public. Eventually evidence will come to the surface and the Court will have to decide on his eligibility.


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