Obama Birth Doctor Remains a Mystery

According to a report by WND news, their investigations have failed to identify a physician or any medical attendant present at Obama’s birth. Recently Obama changed his tune from claiming he was born at Queens Hospital in Honolulu to saying he was born at Kapi’olani Medical Center instead, yet the hospital cannot, or will not, confirm his claim.


Kapiolani Medical Center

Kapiolani Medical Center

WND has been searching for sometime for the physician who delivered Obama or any medical personnel present at his birth to confirm he was born in Hawaii as he claims, but there is so far no evidence that he was and rumors persist that Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya, as his own grandmother has claimed on more than one occasion.

Recently Obama’s campaign has scrubbed several internet sites that had posted information about his birth, some evidently because they named Queens Hospital as his birth place and some because the documents posted have come to be regarded as questionable if not fraudulent.



A U.S. District Court judge has agreed to a hearing on Monday morning that may move this troubling controversy forward. If the lawsuit is successful, it may finally force Obama to reveal his real birth certificate, which he has been asked to do since last year and to which his response has been to hire teams of lawyers to keep his records secret from the public.  It may have to end up in the Supreme Court before it is all resolved.


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