Obama Eligibility Lawsuit Now in Federal Court

Monday afternoon, U.S. District Judge David O. Carter ruled in a hearing in California that a lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President will go forward and be heard. Though dozens of suits have been filed on this issue, this is the first case to be accepted by a court.


obama-nobamatvThe U.S. Constitution requires that a President be a “natural born” citizen. Since the campaign last year there have been repeated requests for Obama to provide his official birth certificate. He has steadfastly refused and hired teams of lawyers to keep his records secret. At one point a “Certificate of Live Birth” from Hawaii was posted, but it is considered a forgery by those who have examined it. (See earlier stories.)

Judge Carter, a former marine, has said that the case will proceed, it will be heard on its merits, and it will not be dismissed on “procedural” grounds.  So far a date for trial has not been set, but attorney Orly Taitz says that if the judge grants her motion for default she will immediate ask that Obama’s vital records be released.


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