Obama Search Results on Internet Scrubbed

Further speculation about Obama’s birth place and his eligibility to be president have been refueled by recent revelations. Right on the heels of the release of a 2004 edition of the Standard newspaper from Kenya claiming that Obama is a Kenyan comes a report that other searches on the internet for articles on Obama from that time period are strangely missing.


According to John Charlton of Post & Email blog, a Google search for other articles on Obama being Kenyan-born are missing and have apparently been scrubbed from the site.  He could find no mention of Obama at all in any articles from 1981 to 2000 even though he was a political figure, and between Jan. 1, 2005 and April 12, 2006 no articles about Obama appear in any newspapers from around the world found on the search engine.  Would the search engine disable its own news archives regarding articles on Obama?  If so, why?


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