Obama Eligibility Challenged by New Lawsuits

Chrysler dealers who were forced to close their businesses because of the government’s intervention in the auto industry are suing in U.S. Bankrupcy Court the use of TARP funds. At the heart of the case the lawsuit is challenging by what authority the government interceded in the auto industry and influenced its restructuring.


The challenge to the government’s authority will call into question Obama’s eligibility to be president under the Constitutional requirement that the president be a “natural born” citizen. Obama’s autobiography states that his father was a British subject from Kenya.  

A “quo warranto” lawsuit is being filed that questions the authority of Obama and the government to take the actions they did.  If Obama is not eligible to be president in the first place, then any actions he took in regards to the auto industry (or anything else for that matter) would be illegal and possibly voided by the court. Specifically, the auto dealers are after a redress of wrongs, including loss of business, etc.


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