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D.C. Court Case Demands Obama Prove Eligibility

January 29, 2010

Attorney Orly Taitz has filed a “Quo Warranto” case with the district court in Washington D.C. demanding that Obama show by what authority he is acting, meaning he must prove his eligibility, under the Constitution, to act as President. Article 2, Section 1, of the U.S. Constitution requires that a president must be a “natural born” citizen of the United States. Obama has steadfastly refused to release his long-form birth certificate or any other records to prove his citizenship. Since it is known that his father was a British citizen,  questions have arisen.

Taitz has previously filed Quo Warranto challenges on Obama with the U.S. Attorney General and with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C.  Both were ignored. According to Constitutional experts, Quo Warranto, though seldom used, is the only judicial remedy for violations of the Constitution by public officials. 

Questions have been raised for some time because Obama has refused repeatedly to release any of his records or documents to the public. It is not just his birth certificate that is in question. He has had sealed all of his school records, college records, passport, medical records, Illinois State Bar records, and any baptism or adoption records.  Additionally, he has spent an estimated $1.7 million in legal fees to keep his records secret from the public, without explanation. If the Quo Warranto challenge is granted by the court, Obama will finally have to release his documents and show the public what he’s been hiding.


U.S. Appeals Court Hears Obama Eligibility Case

January 21, 2010

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has been told that Obama lacks constitutional authority to be President since Obama has revealed that he held dual citizenship at birth, making him ineligible to be President under the Constitution. Article 2, Section 1, requires that the President be a “natural born” citizen, and dual citizenship is forbidden.

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It is well known that Obama’s father was a British subject of Kenya when Obama was born and therefore Obama cannot be considered a “natural born” American citizen. In addition, his own grandmother says he was born in Kenya. In addition, his stepfather was Indonesian and moved the family to Indonesia when Obama was a boy where he became an Indonesian citizen. Any one of these makes him ineligible to be President.

The court case is seeking to have Obama prove his citizenship by producing his long form birth certificate and other personal documents, such as school and college records, Selective Service registration, etc. So far Obama has refused to release any of these documents and has spent an estimated $1.7 million to keep his documents secret from the public. The Court will now decide if he has to finally release these documents.

Attorney Sues Obama for Fraud; Identity Theft

January 9, 2010

Attorney Orly Taitz, who has filed a number of cases against Obama on behalf of clients claiming he is ineligible to be President because he is not a “natural born” citizen, as required by the Constitution, is asking a California judge to grant Sua Sponte, and charging Obama with fraud and identity theft.

Santa Ana, CA, Federal Building

If this action is granted, the court would order an evidentiary hearing into the matter and Obama would supposedly have to produce documents, such as his long form birth certificate (which he has refused to release), to the court to prove his has not committed fraud in claiming to be a “natural born” U.S. citizen. (His father was British and his own grandmother says Obama was born in Kenya.)

There have also been questions raised as the attorney claims to have evidence that Obama has used a number of different Social Security numbers over the years — which would make the matter a criminal one.  Previously, the judge dismissed the original case, not on its merit, but saying it was not filed in the proper venue. Taitz has also requested that the case be moved to federal court in Washington, D.C., but Obama’s lawyers are opposing such a move.

U.S. Congressman Challenges Obama’s Eligibility

January 7, 2010

U.S. Congressman Nathan Deal, Representative from the State of George, has sent a letter to Obama asking him to prove his eligibility to be President. This is the first time in the history of the nation that a member of Congress has ever made such a request of a sitting President.

Numerous questions have arisen over Obama’s eligibility to be President under Article 2 Section 1 of the Constitution which requires the President be a “natural born” citizen since Obama himself has said his father was not an American citizen, but British, and Obama’s own grandmother has said she attended his birth — in Kenya. Either make him ineligible to be President.

So far it is estimated that Obama has spent about $2,000,000 of taxpayer money fighting lawsuits to keep his birth certificate and other documents secret and out of public view. Why not simply show his birth certificate, he refuses to say. If he refuses Congressman Deal’s request, the matter will eventually have to be decided when one of the pending lawsuits reaches the courts.