Candidate Demands Obama Birth Certificate

Congressional candidate Miki Booth is demanding to see Obama’s long form birth certificate. At a recent political event she showed the crowd copies of her husband’s and her son’s long form birth certificates from Kapi’olani Medical Center in Hawaii, the same hospital Obama claims to have been born at. However, the certificate Obama posted online looks nothing like the official birth certificates shown by Ms. Booth.

photo credit WND

It is immediately noticeable that the official birth certificate (above) has a great deal more information, such as name of the doctor, various addresses, signatures, etc., all of which do not appear on what Obama posted (see below).  Independent forensic analysis has said Obama’s document is fake.

photo credit WND

Ms. Booth is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Oklahoma’s second district. She characterizes herself as an independent constitutional conservative. 

Despite  Ms. Booth’s insistence and numerous lawsuits, Obama has steadfastly refused to show his long form birth certificate, and many suspect he does not have one (at least not from Hawaii), especially since his own grandmother claims to have attended his birth–in Kenya. However, given Obama’s continuing refusal to show the public his records, eventually, the courts will have to decide if he must produce his birth certificate.


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