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Obama is a British Citizen Claims Lawsuit; Healthcare Law Invalid Claims Second Lawsuit

March 26, 2010

In a legal brief filed with the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, attorney Mario Apuzzo claims that it doesn’t matter rather Obama is a “natural born citizen” or whether he was born in the United States or not because under the British Nationality Act of 1948 he is a British citizen.

Obama’s father was a British subject from Kenya, therefore, his son is also a British subject and under the U.S. Constitution a president cannot hold foreign or dual citizenship. This makes the argument of whether he was born in Hawaii or born in Kenya, according to Apuzzo, a moot point because no matter where he was born he held British citizenship because of his father. 

Apuzzo’s lawsuit on behalf of his clients contends that Obama does not meet the qualifications to be President, due to citizenship requirements as stated in Article 2, Section 1, and the Fourteenth Amendment. Since he began his campaign to be president, Obama has steadfastly refused to release his official birth certificate, but this lawsuit, if successful, would make his secrecy a non-issue. Dual citizenship is not allowed for the presidency of the United States.

In a related lawsuit, attorney Orly Taitz, now running for Attorney General in California, contends that since Obama has not shown he is a U.S. citizen by showing his birth certificate, and he does at least hold British citizenship, any legislation that he has signed is invalid, including the recent $1 trillion healthcare bill that the Democrats shoved through Congress against the wishes of the public.

If the court agrees and upholds the Constitution’s requirements for eligibility to be President, not only is Obama ineligible to be President, but every action he has taken will have been illegal. This could get interesting.


Apuzzo: Obama Eligibility Case Has “Standing”

March 18, 2010

Attorney Mario Apuzzo, who has a lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility to be president pending in the 3rd U.S Circuit Court of Appeals, says that the majority of the eligibility lawsuits have been dismissed so far not on merit  but because of lack of “standing.” Apuzzo argues that this claim is wrong.

(c) Mario Apuzzo

Dozens of lawsuits have been filed challenging Obama’s eligibility to be president under the constitutional requirement that the president be a “natural born citizen” since it is known that his father was a British subject and his own grandmother claims to have attended his birth — in Kenya.  

On the question of “standing,” Apuzzo says that the requirement should be not be a question as there is no doubt that what Obama is doing has a definite effect on every American. Apuzzo will be filing a brief regarding his clients standing to suit with the Court. If successful, the case will move forward and Obama will finally be required to show his legal birth certificate, which he has steadfastly refused to do.