Kenyan MP Claims Obama Born in Kenya

Kenyan Minister of Lands and Member of Parliment James Orengo has stated during a debate on a new constitution that Obama was indeed born in Kenya.  Orengo clearly says that not only was Obama born in Kenya, but he is not even a native American, yet he became President.

These incredible admissions are published in the official government transcripts, dated March 25 this year, of the parlimentary debate. No official present at the meeting contradicted or challenged his statements in any way.

(c) 2010 newstime africa

It seems incredulous that the Kenyan government knows and admits Obama is a native son, but we have yet to see the mainstream press or any court in America challenge his eligibility to be President even though the U.S. Constitution is perfectly clear that only a “natural born citizen” can be President of the United States.


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