Military Trial Would Challenge Obama’s Eligibility

The attorney for Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, a military doctor who refused orders to deploy and challenged Obama’s eligibility to be Commander in Chief, has indicated that if the government pursues its case against the doctor the process of discovery under the Uniform Code of Military Justice will allow him to demand Obama’s official birth certificate. 

(c) photo credit WND

Lakin is on active duty and has deployed many times before. He is to date the highest-ranking military officer to challenge Obama’s eligibility.  He contends that if Obama is ineligibile to be the U. S. President under Article 2, Section1, of the Constitution, then he is not legitimately the Commander in Chief either and all of his orders are illegal.

Currently Lakin is, according to the army, being assigned duty at Walter Reed Medical Center while under investigation and awaiting charges to be filed by the military. If the military does charge Lakin, the legal process for subpoenas and depositions will begin. During the discovery phase, his attorney can call for Obama’s official birth certificate, unless the army backs down.


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