Obama Birth Certificate Key to Military Trial

The Army has formally charged Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, M.D., on two counts of violating military law.  Dr. Lakin had refused orders to deploy until Obama produced his birth certificate to prove he was eligible under the Constitution to be Commander in Chief. 


Obama has steadfastly refused all requests and lawsuits demanding he produce documentation since before his election; however, more lawsuits have been filed and more citizens are speaking out in favor of demanding that Obama show his birth certificate.  Retired Army general Paul Vallely, a national security policy expert, thinks that Lakin has a “valid point” when it comes to questioning Obama’s standing as a “natural born citizen,” as required by the Constitution.


Under military code, Lakin will have the right to process of discovery and can have his lawyer subpoena documents, etc. It is expected that he will formally be requesting to see Obama’s official long-form birth certificate. After dozens of lawsuits have lingered in federal courts, this whole matter may finally be decided in a military court. 


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