Michelle Obama Speaks: Husband is Kenyan

Two youtube videos have surfaced on the internet in which Michelle Obama admits that her husband Barack is a Kenyan. One was taken at a fundraiser in 2007 in which she refers to him as a Kenyan. In the other one she refers to Kenya as Barack’s “home country.” 


It would seem that it is an open secret that Obama is not a natural born American, as required by the Constitution, but a Kenyan, which most know or admit  except for the American news media and Congress. Such has been widely reported in Africa for some years and more recently a PM in the Kenyan government spoke about it officially and openly, on the record. (See posting April 12, 2010 below).

How long will this continue? Obama is evidentally not a natural born American citizen and is therefore not eligible to be President.  Hopefully the court will soon settle this issue.


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