Obama Caught in Social Security Number Fraud?

Private investigators have filed affidavits stating that Obama is using a Social Security number that was issued to residents of Connecticut though there is no evidence that he ever lived in that state or even had a mailing address there. The card was also issued some years after his first work experience, which is very irregular.


Questions of Obama’s eligibility to be President have been swirling since before the election and his standing as a “natural born” citizen has been repeatedly challenged. It is known that his father was a British subject from Kenya, and questions have arisen about Barack’s travels to Pakistan as a college student when it was off limits to Americans, as well as questions about his Selective Service registration, which also appeared fraudulent.

The Social Security card investigation further continues the questions of who Obama really is and what is his background? What is it that he is hiding? Why won’t he allow the public to see his birth certificate and other records?


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