Obama Not Born in Hawaii Says Elections Clerk

A former elections official in Hawaii says that Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is nonexistent.  Tim Adams who was a working as a senior elections clerk for the City and County of Honolulu in 2008 claims that there is no Hawaiian birth certificate, and many officials know it.


Adams claims to have had access to official records of individuals and it was an open secret that Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate did not exist. The Certification of Live Birth (like Obama’s campaign put on the internet) was and is a document that parents could get on request and is not an official birth certificate. It is often requested for home births or out of country births.  Obama’s long form birth certificate is not in Hawaii.

It is known that his father was a British subject from Kenya and his own grandmother claims to have been at his birth — in Kenya — which would make him ineligible to be President. So far Obama has spent close to $2 million to fight lawsuits demanding to see his official birth certificate and other records. Lawsuits are still pending in the courts. Eventually, the truth will come out.


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