Elections Official Willing to Testify against Obama

Former senior elections clerk for the City and County of Honolulu in 2008 Tim Adams says he is willing to testify in court that Hawaii does not have a birth certificate for Obama. He claims that during the campaign the elections office checked with both hospitals that have been spoken of as birth places for Obama and each told the office that they did not have a birth certificate for Obama. He further claims that governmental officials knew this.


The elections office had access to multiple sources to check records of voters and none of those records showed that Obama was born in Hawaii. If Obama has no United States birth certificate, then he is ineligible to be President according to Article 2, Section 1, of the Constitution, which requires the President be a “natural born” citizen.

Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya

It is well known that his father was a British subject from Kenya and not therefore an American citizen, and it has long been suspected that his birth certificate resides in the Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, where his grandmother says he was born. However, the truth has yet to come out because Obama steadfastly refuses to provide a copy of his birth certificate and so far the courts have not ruled on the pending lawsuits.


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