U. S. State Dept.: Obama Duel Citizenship

The State Department has set up a website dedicated to countering the “conspiracy theory” that Obama is not an American citizen.  The site states that Obama is not only American but had dual citizenship, first, American and British because his father was a British subject, then later Kenyan citizenship because his father was also Kenyan, either of which, ironically, would disqualify him if he was born in the United States or not.


According to the Constitution, even if Obama was born in the United States, which is yet to be proven since he refuses to show his official birth certificate, the fact that he has dual citizenship makes him ineligible to be president. Dual citizenship is specifically not allowed for the President. 

Several court cases challenging Obama’s eligibility are working their way through the court system since his citizenship or dual citizenship is in question, which subsequently raise the Constitutional question. Now it appears his own State Department is helping prove he is ineligible to be President.


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