U.S. Supreme Court Confers on Obama Eligibility

Tuesday, the U. S. Supreme Court considered the petition challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President under Article 2, Section 1, of the U.S. Constitution and whether Congress violated petitioners’ rights by not investigating and confirming his standing as a “natural born” citizen before the election and inauguration.  A decision could come as soon as Wednesday.

U.S. Supreme Court


Several lawsuits have been filed in the past two years challenging Obama’s standing as it is well known that his father was a British citizen from Kenya and the President cannot hold foreign or dual citizenship. If the Court grants the petitioners’ request, they can have the case heard in federal court or they could decide to hear the case themselves.

So far no court has heard any of the lawsuits brought forth because the lower courts have claimed that the petitioners “lacked standing” to bring the lawsuit to court. If the Court sends the case forward, discovery will be granted and at that time Obama will be forced by the court to produce his legal documents, such as his long form birth certificate, school and college records, etc., all of which he has refused to show.

What would happen if he proved not to be a “natural born” citizen is unknown as this is unprecedented, but other officials in the past (at least one governor and two senators) were removed from office by the courts.


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