Obama’s Birth Certificate Not Found in Hawaii

Recently elected Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie made headlines while running for election claiming he knew and would prove that Obama was a Hawaiian-born citizen.  Abercrombie said he knew Obama’s parents personally as university students in Hawaii back in the early 1960s and that he knew for a fact that Obama was born in Hawaii. However, since becoming governor his search through the vital records in the Hawaii Department of Health has failed to turn up an official birth certificate for Obama.


Abercromie is concerned that the continuing controversy over Obama’s constitutional standing to be President could hurt his re-election chances in 2012. According to the U.S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, the President must be a “natural born” citizen, usually taken to mean that both parents are United States citizens.

Controversy about Obama’s eligibility continues because it is well known that his father was a British subject from Kenyan in Hawaii at university on a student visa. In addition, Obama’s own grandmother has said that she was at his birth — in Kenya.  Questions have also arisen because Obama’s stepfather changed his name to Barry Soetoro and moved the family to Indonesia where Obama was enrolled in school as Indonesian. Any of these would put Obama’s eligibility as a “natural born” citizen in question.

Several court cases have been filed challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President under the constitutional requirement, but so far no court has agreed to hear the evidence. However, certain states have taken up legislation that will require future presidental candidates to provide their official long-form birth certificate. So even if the courts continue to refuse to hear one of the eligibility lawsuits, Obama will not be eligible in 2012 if  he cannot produce a Hawaiian birth certificate.


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