Trump Demands Obama’s Birth Certificate

Billionaire and possible presidential candidate Donald Trump is also now among the many asking to see Obama’s official birth certificate. Trump was recently on the TV program “The View” and was interviewed by Newsmax. He said that he wants to know why Obama refuses to release his personal records, college transcripts and other documents.

Trump is not actually claiming that Obama was born outside the United States as some have speculated ever since Obama’s grandmother said she attended his birth in Kenya. Trump says he assumes that Obama was born in Hawaii, but he still wants to see the birth certificate, intimating that a President should not be “assumed” to be a citizen, especially since there are conflicting stories in Obama’s own family about which hospital he was born at in 1961.

 This issue of the hospital and Obama’s Hawaiian birth were further brought into question recently when the new Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, who claims to be a family friend of Obama’s parents, said he would resolve the matter once and for all only to fail to locate the elusive birth certificate in Hawaii’s vital records department.

So far the courts have refused to hear any of the many lawsuits that have been filed against Obama asking to see his official birth certificate. Most have been refused for “lack of standing,” but the issue persists because the U.S. Constitution requires that the President be a “natural born” citizen, which is usually taken to mean both parents are American citizens (Obama’s father was a British subject).

Trump may not succeed in his demands, though he is one of many voices now finally being heard which even the mainstream media cannot ignore, but if Obama continues to refuse to show his official birth certificate, it may be up to the States to resolve the issue.  Several states are considering legislation that will require presidential candidates to product an official birth certificate in order to be placed on the ballot.

Obama may succeed in keeping his documents secret from the public while he is currently president since the media and the courts seem to want nothing to do with the issue, but he will not be able to run again if he continues to hide his identity and his records.


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