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Video: Obama “Birth Certificate” is a Forgery

April 29, 2011

In astounding short order within hours of the White House posting Obama’s proported birth certificate, various technology experts and others deeming it a forgery, and not a very good one. The “birth certificate” was actually composed on a Mac running MAC OS X 10.6.7. The layers can clearly be delineated using Illustrator. A scanned image would not have layers. This video link explains it very well.

photo credit: atlas shrugs

On one site the day the “birth certificate” posted over 150 pages of comments were posted on the controversial document within 16 hours. Theses are some of the comments:

  • This is very disconcerting…. This thing is made up of bits and pieces. bryede
  • one scanned document should be ONE layer. PERIOD.  girlonlaptop
  • PDF pro here — when you scan a file, it comes in as a single layer. If you use OCR, it comes in as a text layer over the file. Signatures do not come in as individual layers. Something about this file is WRONG. You should not be able to separate the background from the foreground text and signatures. (This makes for a source that’s easy to counterfeit.)

             I don’t buy it. As a full-time computer junkie (my 24/7 job), there’s  something fishy here. supershwa27

  • holy sh*t they’re screwed lol, they didn’t flatten the image  HilarityBribo
  • I can assure you that there is absolutely no explanation whatsoever for there being more than one set of black ink layers other than the fact that this COLB is FORGED. NONE, whatsoever. If a birth certificate is copied onto official paper, that is fine. Nothing wrong with that. However, TWO OR MORE LAYERS OF BLACK INK IS PROOF OF FORGERY. Sometimes you just can’t fool Adobe Software products and this is a case and point.  groov539
  • hahaha…such an obvious fake. The most obvious fault is the background green security pattern. In the upper left the pattern should curve with the horizontal lines…IT DOESN’T.

Grade: F+….Take Photoshop 101 again.  DouglasUrantia

  • . . . a bunch of amateurs. I have spent the last 23 years of my life analyzing PDF’s for the CIA, FBI, Pentagon and 17 military and government agencies throughout the world. I am a certified Adobe PDF Crime Scene Investigator certified in PDF Analysis from versions 2. thru 9 and I know what I speak of. This PDF is a certified forgery. CRC and SSL keys do not match the original specifications. Further analysis indicates layering are suspicious, specifically the blacklines i.e. (blackbox)  koolkit   
  • The forger forgot to include the Hawaii State Seal “layer”, LOL!!!   Cash2112
  • @enkratic First, I’m a CDIA+ (Certified Document Imaging Architect) and have been in the document imaging industry for over 15 years, so please don’t insult my intelligence. Now, go to and download the document. Right click and check the PDF properties. IT WAS CREATED USING A MAC! (running MAC OS X 10.6.7)  MichPlacedGator
  • This CLB has been presented to the country as a scanned document, not something constructed. It should simply be an image saved in a pdf format…no layers.

   The OCR explanations are damage control.  kernond

   If it was scanned using OCR then the layers would have searchable text.  They do not. The different objects are images and not text.   jeff

  • I have no doubt that this is a forgery. None, whatsoever. The “disjointed logic” as to how these COLB items are grouped is certainly evidence of tampering. groov539

Obama’s “Birth Certificate” Released: Is it Fake?

April 28, 2011


After spending $2 million fighting lawsuits and three years refusing to release his official long form birth certificate, Obama suddenly released his “birth certificate” Wednesday. Recently, pressure has been mounting with potential presidential candidate Donald Trump demanding to see the birth certificate, various states considering legislation requiring birth certificates from future candidates, and the imminent release of a book questioning Obama’s eligibility having already topped the NY Times best-seller list.

The White House is hoping this will end the ongoing controversy regarding Obama’s eligibility to be President under the requirements of the Constitution, Article 2, Section 1.  However, the document came under immediate scrutiny and it has already been analyzed by numerous individuals claiming various levels of expertise, but the conclusion seems to be that the “birth certificate” is composed of multiple layers and is therefore highly suspect if not an outright forgery.

Among other questions the document has raised are why is Obama senior listed as “African” instead of “negro” or “colored” as would have been expected in 1961; why is his country of origin listed as “Kenya” instead of British East Africa which was its name in 1961; why is the hospital listed as “Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital” when it did not have that name until 1978; why is the number on the document a later number than one found on twin girls born a day later in the same hospital when it should be an earlier number?

Even if the birth certificate were authentic the constitutional question remains. The Constitution requires that the President be a “natural born” citizen, usually interpreted to mean that both parents are American citizens. Since the document clearly shows Obama senior is not an American citizen, then Obama can qualify only as a “native born” citizen not a “natural born” citizen. At best he would hold dual citizenship, but the Constitution also clearly states that the President cannot hold dual citizenship.

It maybe that the White House’s attempt to end the controversy has instead stirred the fires and brought about more questions than before.  Many critics and challengers of Obama’s eligibility believe the document actually proves he is not eligible and this will finally bring the issue to a head. 

Until now the courts have refused to hear any of the lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility, but if the “birth certificate” is a forgery they may have to finally hear a case and make a ruling. In any circumstance this has not brought the issue to a stop; it has shoved the throttle forward.

Happy Easter

April 24, 2011

He is Risen


     May the blessings of Jesus Christ be with you today and each day.

Trump Challenges Obama’s Eligibility Again

April 16, 2011

Donald Trump, billionaire and potential presidential candidate, continues to challenge Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution to be president. Trump said previously that he had sent investigators to search into Obama’s past and to find his long form birth certificate, if possible. He questions why Obama would spent millions to keep his birth certificate and other documents secret from the public.

On Sean Hannity’s program Trump says he thinks that “Either he wasn’t born in the country or he doesn’t have a birth certificate … or there’s something on the birth certificate that he doesn’t want people to see.”

 Trump also questioned Obama’s academic record contending he was a student with poor marks that somehow got into Columbia and Harvard, then went on to associate with various radicals who he threw under the bus when the media noticed.

The Constitution requires that a president be a “natural born” citizen, generally understood to mean that both parents are American citizens. It is known that Obama’s father was a British subject from Kenya. So far the courts have not agreed to hear the issue. It remains to be seen whether Trump’s efforts will be successful in finally resolving the questions about Obama’s birth.

Trump Questions Obama’s Eligibility in NY Times

April 9, 2011

Billionaire and potential presidential candidate Donald Trump recently published his doubts about Obama’s eligibility to be president in the opinion section of the New York Times after being attacked by one of the Times columnists for his viewpoint on the controversy. The NY Times has been one of Obama’s strongest, most unquestioning supporters since he first became a candidate.

Trump succinctly summarizes two major issues regarding Obama’s eligibility under the constitutional requirement that the president be a “natural born” citizen, including statements by Obama’s grandmother that she attended his birth–in Kenya–and the fact that no hospital in Hawaii claims he was born there, and “no bills, no doctors’ names, no nurses’ names, no registrations, no payments, etc.” exist to show he was.  

 Trump has become concerned enough about Obama’s refusal to provide proof of his eligibility (and suspicious as to why he has spent $2 million to fight lawsuits and keep his documents secret from the public) that he has sent investigators to search for proof of eligibility, especially to Hawaii. 

So far what his investigators have found or not found has given him serious doubts about Obama’s eligibility, and he says, suggests that there is reason to suspect that Obama is not constitutionally eligible to be president. At this point the investigation is ongoing. What is ultimately found may either prove the American public has been witness to a great political scam or may finally prove his eligibility and put the matter to rest.