Trump Challenges Obama’s Eligibility Again

Donald Trump, billionaire and potential presidential candidate, continues to challenge Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution to be president. Trump said previously that he had sent investigators to search into Obama’s past and to find his long form birth certificate, if possible. He questions why Obama would spent millions to keep his birth certificate and other documents secret from the public.

On Sean Hannity’s program Trump says he thinks that “Either he wasn’t born in the country or he doesn’t have a birth certificate … or there’s something on the birth certificate that he doesn’t want people to see.”

 Trump also questioned Obama’s academic record contending he was a student with poor marks that somehow got into Columbia and Harvard, then went on to associate with various radicals who he threw under the bus when the media noticed.

The Constitution requires that a president be a “natural born” citizen, generally understood to mean that both parents are American citizens. It is known that Obama’s father was a British subject from Kenya. So far the courts have not agreed to hear the issue. It remains to be seen whether Trump’s efforts will be successful in finally resolving the questions about Obama’s birth.


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