Expert: Obama Birth Certificate “was changed”

An expert in document analysis has examined the Obama “birth certificate” posted by the White House last week to convince people that Obama was born in Hawaii. His expert analysis concludes that the document “was changed.” As others have speculated, the PDF has multiple layers, and it should not.

Ivan Zatkovich of eComp Consultants, with 28 years of experience and an expert witness in federal courts, has produced a report explaining his findings on examining the PDF of the “birth certificate.” While he does not speculate on the changes that were where text seems to have been altered and he is cautious about labeling the document fake, he certifies that the document was changed.

So what comes next? Currently an ongoing case challenging Obama’s eligibility to be president is pending before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Whereas, the White House was hoping to stop the speculation about Obama’s birth that has been going on since 2008, these findings may have only made the situation worse for Obama. If nothing else the document does list his father as African from Kenya. That alone could disqualify him as a “natural born” citizen. Instead of ending this saga, the altered “birth certificate” has raised the stakes for Obama.


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