Hawaiian Detective: Obama Birth Certificate Fake

A Hawaiian private investigator has charged that Obama’s recently release birth certificate has strikingly exact features to ones he has previously seen that were purported to be forgeries. Takeyuki Irei makes the astounding claim that Hawaiian Department of Health employees forged three different “birth certificates” for Obama.  


Two certificates claim Hawaiian birth, but the names of the doctors were different and one said the hospital was Queens and one said Kapiolani. The other was the one published in the Aloha Reporter last year that claimed a Kenyan birth but registered Obama in Hawaii, by his grandmother. That was declared a fake because the grandmother’s signature misspelled her name.

Irei says that the similarities between the previous ones he saw and the one released by the White House are so close that it almost appears to be a copy, with only minor changes. The discrepancies between the names of the doctors and the hospitals continue to concern him and he says he is still trying to find Obama’s real birth certificate.


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