Another Expert: Obama Birth Certificate Fails

Another computer and web expert has said that the “birth certificate” released by Obama does not meet the authenticity test and appears to be “assembled” by someone on a computer from multiple documents. Karl Denninger admits voting for Obama, but concedes that the document released by the White House has problems.

The two most glaring are that the lettering shows evidence of “kerning” and that the background has no “chromatic artifacts” in the coloring, which would be expected. Kerning is where the spacing of computer-generated lettering intrudes into the space shared by the next letter, which with proportional spacing is common with computer-generated type.

However, typewriters had each letter taking up only its space and not proportionally as there would be more space around an “i” than say an “o” because typewriter keys came in set widths for each letter. If the birth certificate were genuine, then it should appear like a document from a 1950s or 1960 era typewriter.  It does not.

Denninger also says that the typed entries on the various lines of the document do not line up (up and down) as would be expected because most likely the typist would have had preset tabs on the typewriter to line up the places where information had to be entered every time a certificate was typed out. Again, the document released by Obama does not do so.

Instead of ending the controversy as the White House had hoped, the “birth certificate” Obama had released has created more controversy. Every few days another question arises and the White House seems to be out of answers.


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