More Evidence Obama Birth Certificate Fake

Evidence and information continues to come forth that suggests the “birth certificate” released by the White House supposedly showing Obama was born in Hawaii is a forgery. Recently a document expert found evidence of “kerning” in the lettering of the document proving that it was composed on a computer and not on a typewriter as would be expected from a 1961 birth certificate. This is only one of the lastest revelations.

A comparison of the Obama “birth certificate” and another one for twins born the next day in the same hospital shows other anomolies and problems with the document. The Nordyke twins were registered three days after Obama, yet his birth certificate has a number later than theirs. Since birth certificates are given sequentially, this is problematic.

More recently it has been discovered that a baby girl was born the same day that Obama was at the hospital but unfortunately died the next day. Under Hawaiian law her birth certificate would still have to have been filed — within seven days. If she was registered after the Nordyke twins that could explain the later number on the certificate that was used to forge Obama’s birth certificate, so the researcher speculates.

It is obvious from computer analyses by various experts that the document was composed using Adobe Illustrator and is in multiple layers built on an original certificate or composition. Not only do the layers easily come apart under examination, but the lettering is meant to match typewriter type, but shows computer-generated “kerning” instead. In places the lettering does not line up vertically as would be expected, either. So far nothing about the document the White House has tried to pass off as Obama’s authentic birth certificate has proven to be genuine.

Though the White House was hoping that releasing Obama’s “birth certificate” would end the ongoing controversy and questions about his birth, and short circuit the release of a New York Times bestseller Where’s the Birth Certificate? by Jerome Corsi, the revelations showing the document to be a forgery have had the opposite effect.


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