Kenya to Open Obama Birthplace Museum

While Americans are arguing over whether Obama is a “natural born” citizen and numerous lawsuits challenging his birth and eligibility to be President are being filed in various U.S. courts, the Kenyan government has made plans to build a museum to honor Obama’s birthplace in his family’s home village of Kogelo. 

photo credit: atlas shrugs

According to WND, a 2009 internal bulletin from the Kenyan National Security Intelligence Service confirms the ministry of national heritage “commissioned a cultural museum … to honour the birthplace of President Obama and re-dedicate the tomb of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., the president’s late father.”  The cultural festival hosted by the Kenyan “minister for national heritage, William ole Ntimama,” held in Kogelo, was attended by “U.S. ambassador, Michael Ranneberger.”

Previously published articles in the Nigerian Observer and The Sunday Standard in Kenya speak of Obama as being “Kenyan-born,” and a website for Modern Ghana refers to Obama making a visit to the “continent of his birth during a foreign policy trip in 2009.  Just last year the Kenyan Daily Nation published an artist’s sketch of the proposed cultural center to be built in Obama home village.

Amazingly, American newpapers have either ignored or belittled all questions regarding Obama’s birthplace and his “birth certificate.”  It remains to be seen whether, when it is built, any of the them will cover the opening of the cultural center and museum honoring Obama’s birthplace in Kenya.


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