Adobe Expert: Obama Birth Certificate is Phony

An expert with Adobe and Microsoft software has completed an extensive analysis of the Obama “birth certificate” released by the White House. She points out a myriad of inconsistencies and errors in the document that show it is clearly a phony document composed using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

photo credit -- WND

According to WND, Mara Zebest is an authority and author of over 100 books on Adobe and Microsoft software and is a “nationally recognized” computer expert. Her analysis shows multiple inconsistencies in the density and spacing of the text in the “birth certificate,” problems with “antialiasing” (caused when differing color tones bump into each other), checkboxes on the document having different widths and positioning, identical pixeling with some letter characters, differing fonts, a misspelling in an “official” stamp, and puzzling anachronisms such as an official signature by “ukulele,” etc. (See link above).

In short, Zebest, says the document presented by the White House has been manipulated and is a cut and paste, therefore fraudulent, a phony, which was evidently created by someone who knew something about computer graphics, but lacked the expertise to create a document that would hold up to close scrutiny, a job by an amateur.   

photo credit -- WND


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